NEW STUDY: THC Daily can sharpen our minds later in life!

We were thrilled to read this week that researchers believe that cannabis could help sharpen our minds later in life, as outlined in this Forbes article. 

The folks over at University of Bonn discovered that low, regular doses of THC may help to keep our brains from 'slowing' down as we get older. The study was revealed in Nature Medicine published May 2017.

The HIGHlights from the article include:

They conducted the study on mice that were two months, one year, and 18 months old on a daily regimen of THC over the course of a month. That's THC EVERYDAY for a year and half. The mice were tested later on their ability to recognize familiar objects and navigate a maze.

The result? According to this article:

"As has been similarly observed with humans, younger animals excelled at the tests when 'sober' but tended to struggle significantly under the influence of THC. "Mature" and "old" mice, on the other hand, struggled with tasks as consistent with their brain ages at first, but saw a huge increase in performance with THC infusions that raised their skill level up to young-mouse (drug free) standards and continued for weeks afterward."

They're exploring further how THC on human brains would impact with a clinical trial later in 2017.

Pretty cool, stuff!